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No One Says it Better than Our Satisfied Clients

The Beehive Waxing Salon of Carlsbad, in San Diego North County takes great pride in delivering top-quality, professional services to our clientele, and in the outstanding client reviews we receive as a result.
Read the excellent reviews our satisfied clients who consistently agree with the media when they say Beehive Salon is the best place to get waxed in San Diego!

From Jill J. on April 16th, 2013: This is one of those places I really wish I had known about earlier! They deserve more than 5 stars. Everything from start to finish is just perfect. First, the appointment process is so easy. You can call or go online which is nice if you need to make your waxing appt from the office! Then they have a great reminder system so you pretty much never forget your appointment day/time. Next when you arrive, the place is so adorable. Fun snacks, drinks, products and everything is so girlie. They also sell these numbing drops - I HIGHLY recommend them. They make the appt much more tolerable which we could all use! The appointment went really well. I saw Jenni and will definitely see her again. She did a great job and made things very comfortable. Then as you leave, you get a goodie bag and a free thong! Amazing. I love it here and am so happy to have found a place that I don't dread going to! And that's a bold statement for a place that specializes in ripping hair off your body! :) 

From Megan B. on April 9th, 2013: I've said it before & I'll say it again! Vanessa is amazing. Always does fantastic job. Highly satisfied. I drive out of my way just for her! The boutique is super cute too.

From Barbie S. on March 4th, 2013: If I could give this place a 10 STARS I would. Carina is the best no matter what she has always done the most amazing job at waxing me. She is amazing and super duper sweet. Go see Carina she does brazilians, underarms face etc. She does it all and she is AMAZING and FABULOUS all rolled up into one.

From Emily O. on February 27th, 2013: I went to the Beehive for the first time yesterday and LOVED IT! I had the full eyebrow (consultation, wax, tweasing, the whole deal) and lip wax with Kellie and WOW! My eyebrows haven't looked this good in years. I have a picture of myself from 2007 when I thought my eyebrows looked my best but I have never been able to get them back there, and here they are, but better! I really can't rave enough about it. The atmosphere was great, the room was decorated well, they even have special sprays for your lady parts in the bathroom! They have really thought of everything! I have a one year old, so I almost never get to get out and do things for myself without finding a sitter, but this was totally worth it. I made my next appointment as soon as I finished paying. I love love love love love this place! Tip though: It was kind of difficult to find from State street. There is a bright pink sign that has the address and I totally drove right past it. If you get to the north end of the street just park and start walking down the east side of the street and you will see it. It's down a little path next to a few yoga studios.

From Jessica B on February 18th, 2013: I am one of those people who is SUPER sensitive to even though I've been doing it for over a year now it's still so painful I wonder why I put myself through it every time. If you are going to get waxed don't skimp on it and go to a place that is cheap or advertising a cheap special....I can tell you from experience- you get what you pay for. PAY FOR HIGH QUALITY and go here! That being said, you do get a discount on your first visit, on your birthday month, and sometimes randomly they will send you an email discount, you also get 15% off if you refer a friend (they keep it on your account, or you can mention the friends name at the next visit and they will find it and add it on). I have gotten most of my wax's discounted for these reasons- I rave to EVErYONE about this place and have converted so many of my friends to the beehive. This place won my business from my first trip in, it's so cute and comfy with the waiting area filled with lingerie, bras, clothes, jewelry, waxing essentials, snacks, drinks, Advil or Ibuprofen. They sell the numbing cream that I highly advise using, and they also sell something that helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs (haven't tried it). The bathroom is stocked with anything you may need (tampon, Advil, ph balancing spray, hairspray, etc). The motif of the place is perfect and there is even a bright pink bench out near the street to help identify that your in the right place (it matches the decor inside). All the girls that I've had so far in my experience here are wonderful. They do an amazing job of training them all the same way so that even if your girl is booked and you get someone else your going to have the same experience. They only do waxing (and spray tan) and I appreciate that because it keeps the focus on being highly trained and up to date on the best way to do it. They do change the wax every now and then and for awhile they had one that I didn't like because it felt like it was burning me, and I actually stopped going in for awhile because of it. They have switched back to the old one that is so much better in my opinion.  All of the girls are amazing at what they do, it's not nearly as awkward as most people think it will be, they talk to you just like they would if you were friends meeting up for happy hour. I always explain it to my friends like this- they do this all day, there is nothing you have that they haven't seen or deal with all day. They aren't creepy about it, it's their job and they are fast, effective, and super sweet about it. Honestly, after your first time you won't even think about the spread legs part. I have had a horrifying experience once with waxing and since finding this place I can honestly say- don't go anywhere else. They are all wonderful, it's clean, cute, comfortable, and highly trained staff. Pay for a high quality wax and you will never regret it.

From Candice V on February 7th, 2013: Beehive was the first waxing salon I ever went to, so I didn't realize how incredible it was until I moved and tried to find an equivalent. Thankfully I'm back in North County and I can fully appreciate this place! They deserve 5 stars in absolutely every aspect. The boutique is filled with little treasures, and while I rarely buy anything, it's fun to look while you wait for your waxer to prepare a room (which is equally as decorated and cozy as the rest of the salon, by the way!). Every girl I've ever waxed with is SO sweet and makes time fly, as opposed to the awkward, "So, what do you do?" conversations I've had at other salons while boiling hot wax is creeping into my nether regions :P Their brazilians are virtually painless, I hardly get irritated, and the results last longer than anywhere else I've been to - I don't know how they do it! I just mention that I have sensitive skin, and I am always catered to. I'm usually out of here in no more than 15 minutes with goodie bag and cute panty in tow :) I will never, ever go elsewhere! Ladies, if you're afraid of getting waxed, make an appointment at Beehive and take the plunge! They have a little discount for newbies, and I promise you'll love it :)

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