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Enjoy Male Refinement... Smooth Brows, Back, Shoulders, etc.

Men regularly come to Beehive Salon to take advantage of men's waxing and men's hair removal services offered here. There's no reason in today's modern world why you shouldn't enjoy smooth and attractive back, shoulders, and brows. The professionals at the salon will help you decide what services are right for you.


    Service  Price
Combo - Back w/ Uni-Brow $55

Back a la Carte

Upper Chest a la Carte

Full Torso Chest and Abs




"Serious" Guy Brows a la Carte $28
Express Guy Brows a la Carte
(Extras & patches charged by esthetician accordingly)

Note: You must be at least 18 years old, or have parental approval/signature, to use our waxing services.  

Men, come enjoy waxing services at Beehive Salon. Men come from all over San Diego County, Riverside County and Orange County for men's back waxing, men's shoulder waxing, men's nose waxing, men's ear waxing, and men's eyebrow waxing. That's because Beehive is staffed with professionals who know how to treat men's hair removal gently and quickly. This is the best men's waxing salon in San Diego.