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Why I Love The Beehive

- Monday, April 15, 2013

The last time I got fed up with shaving my bikini line and the first time I thought of waxing was late spring a few years ago. The weather was warming up, the beach was looking tempting, and I was done with the red bumps and ingrown hairs that came along with shaving my bikini line. I'd had friends throughout college and into my early 20's tell me that waxing "changed my life!" -- their words, not mine -- but I didn't quite understand.

My first experience with getting a brazilian wax wasn't at the Beehive. A "buy one/get one free" ad lurred me into a retail chain waxing shop and I didn't do my homework enough to know that every salon can be different. A wax is a wax, right? Boy was I wrong! I was rushed into a cold room, told to undress in front of the technician (weird!), and put on a table that I'm sure hadn't been cleaned in a year. The waxer said little about the process and even less throughout the appointment. It was awkward, painful, and slightly overwhelming. After my wax, I was rushed out of the room and into a crowded lobby. The receptionist at the desk was quick to try to sell me hundreds of dollars worth of product that I "absolutely needed" but failed to ask about my experience or answer any questions about how to treat my skin now that it had been waxed. And to add insult to injury, I had several skin lifts that needed treating when I got home.

I swore off waxing after that. Why would I try it again?

Mid way though the summer, after complaining about my bad waxing experience and shaving every other day, a trusted friend told me about The Beehive. After my bad experience, I didn't even give her the opportunity to tell me why she loved it. No need, I had decided waxing wasn't for me for the rest of the summer. Back to endless shaving, razor burn, and trying smelly chemical hair removal that never seemed to last more than a few days but stunk up my bathroom for weeks. By the next year, I needed a solution and Yelp was the answer. I recognized The Beehive as the place my friend suggested -- it was hard to miss! Clearly all of San Diego came to this place to get a wax and loved it! What was I missing?

Making the appointment was easy -- the options were endless: you could make an online appointment request, send them an email or text, send a facebook request, and of course call them. When I told them about my previous experience, they eased my fear and reassured me that they cared about my needs, sensitivities, and history. They offered numbing solution (which other Yelpers had mentioned and sworn by!), complimentary ibuprofen at the salon to ease the swelling and redness, and gave me tips like avoiding caffeine the morning of my appointment to reduce skin sensitivity. The waxer was kind, asked how I was feeling throughout the appointment to insure I was alright, and even talked to me about her kids and her upcoming plans for the weekend. The calmness of the salon and the efficiency of the appointment meant that I was up and out of there before I knew it! Checking out was a breeze as well -- no upselling or trying to get me to purchase expensive products I didn't need. I was given a complimentary exfoliating glove to help with ingrown hairs in between my waxes and hydrocortizone to reduce the pain and sensitivity if I needed it later. The best part? A free pair of cute panties!

Take advice from me: every waxing salon IS different. I certainly got what I paid for with my "buy one/get one free" wax -- it was so horrible, I never went back from my free session. Why would I when I've found The Beehive?! Don't get sucked in with cheap coupons, shady salons, or groupon deals. Read the Yelp reviews, talk to your girlfriends, and reach out to The Beehive. You'll be glad you did!

Brie -- A Beehive Client